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Education ministry directs all teachers to follow regulations

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Sri Lanka’s teacher service has been brought under stipulated in teacher’s minutes and procedures. Accordingly school Deputy Principals and teachers should cover certain number of periods of teaching irrespective of their grades.

It has been revealed that in a trained subject a number of 786 Teachers of 118 National Schools had been attached for teaching subjects extraneous to the subjects, for which they were appointed.

Specially, 163 Teachers of 40 National Schools, who had not undergone Primary Teacher Training, had been attached to the Primary Grades.

A cording to guidelines teaching in a minimum period of time even though the Deputy Principals of a National School should be assigned at least a minimum of 10 periods of teaching per week.

146 Deputy Principals of 71 National Schools had not been assigned even a single period of teaching activities, a fact finding report disclosed.

Periods ranging from 2 to 6 had been assigned to 05 Deputy Principals of 03 National Schools for the purpose of teaching.

Even though the Assistant Principals should be assigned at least a minimum of 12 periods of teaching work per week, 58 Assistant Principals of 29 National Schools had not been assigned periods of teaching.

Teachers engaged in the teaching of subjects should be deployed in a minimum of 35 periods of teaching of 40 minutes duration each per week, report revealed

Nevertheless, 811 Teachers of 94 National Schools had not been assigned even a single period of teaching.

Less than 16 periods of teaching, had been assigned to 699 Teachers of 95 National Schools.

Vacancies of Special Education Teachers in 9 Provinces of the Island had been 114, whilst 150 Teachers who had undergone Special Education Teacher Training had been deployed in service in other schools or classrooms, the report unearthed.


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