Friday, 15 November 2019 06:10

8th medical camp of “DLB sathkara” at NuwaraEliya.

Another phase of the series of medical camps organized by DLB in the Name ‘DLB SATHKARA’ for the benefit of its Sales Agents and Sales Assistants has come to the end successfully.

This camp was organized for the benefit of Sales Agents and Sales Assistants in NuwaraEliya district and it marked the 8th event of the series.
It was held on 10 November and over 400 came to receive the service of the camp. During the medical camp, medical facilities were provided including spectacles and required medicines.
Mr. Sena Suriyapperuma, Chairman of DLB, Mr. Upali Samankumara, Territory Manager of NuwaraEliya and Colombo Territory Manager of Mr.C.C.Ailapperuma have participated in the event along with other guests.

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